Levels and hierarchy

Levels and hierarchy


There are levels and hierarchies.  They exist in both meta and micro ways.  Me and you are on a level above some and below lots, because they keep going up.  Like a pyramid that does stop.


Me and you exist on the level that we still have to worry about what kind of subway to eat, what kind of earphones do we buy, how much can I invest in my next little scheme.


Maybe we are still enthroned with illusions and magic.  If you know they exist but know they are fake, you are above those that don’t know its an illusion.  If you know how it works, you are above those that just know it’s a trick.  If you can teach it, you are above those that know about it.  If you made it you are above those that can teach if after its creation.  This thought goes along with religions too.


If you have lived though something you are above those that have not been though said situation.  Like there are some people who have grown up with snow and know about it.  They are above those that have never seen it.  If you are an expert on snow, you are above those people that thought snow was a gift from god.


Its possible to grow hierarchy, or pyramids, or ladders: whatever you want to want to call these levels.  And if you raise in one rung, it has power in other meta hierarchy's.  If you are good at music and productions, why wouldn’t you be good at other performance arts.


If you are in the public eyes you are above the people that are watching you.  It is easier to switch pyramids once you are at the top of a ladder.  Macro level= celebrities turning into political figures.  Our level= a popular guy introducing his friend from a different city will social proof him much more that a loser trying to introduce someone.


While we are worried about what Sub sandwiches and sunglasses to buy.  The bosses of the business we work for are worrying about what other businesses to buy.  They are on a different level than us.  Businesses are talking to other businesses.  Their bosses are texting each other as we text our peer group.

Above businesses, think about it.  The leaders of countries are texting other leaders.  Its not lonely at the top.  You just start texting people at a different level.

About countries… maybe banks.  Selling the debt of countries to each other. 

If you know someone is at a higher level than you, yet stops talking to you, he is talking to someone…someone more important than you.  Out president, no matter your stance on him, still communicates to us.  He also talks to the Rokerfellas, and the other rich people.  Those rich miserable men have stopped talking to us… they are still texting people, its not lonely at the top.  The people they are texting are maybe to a level we don’t even know exists.

Its crazy to us that a war lord from Africa has a more direct line to the president than we do.  He is at the top of his pyramid.  As I was saying, if your at the top of your hierarchy or pyramid, you have access to people to your lateral side. 

You can easily raise small levels simply by networking and shaking the hands of the people above you.  Have your boss or someone from a higher peer group take you out to lunch.  Shake hands, Get your name out there and circulating.  Get people comfortable with your name at higher levels.  Where their attention goes, power is.  When there is an opening at their level, who will they reach for to pull up. 

Illusions never stop at any stage, just keep getting more and more elaborate.  Some use the stage, some use the church, some use other methods. 

Your peer group is the strongest thing around, and you can never be the smartest person in the room.